CoPW C320 – Missing

The next morning, Su Gu called Shao Xuan to go together to the animal pen again to enslaved the other fighting beast. After a night's rest, Su Gu was eager to give enslaving the scorpion a try. For two days, he did not went to fight in Beast City and his heart was itching unbearably.… Continue reading CoPW C320 – Missing


CoPW C319 – Ways of Slavery

Was it afraid? Shao Xuan looked at the scorpion, then looked around him. Ten steps away, Shao Xuan was the only person. Su Gu who was nearest was still more than twenty meters away from there, while the slaves were farther away. Since it was far away, Su Gu also did not sense the power… Continue reading CoPW C319 – Ways of Slavery

CoPW C318 – Invited

The plan failed. Hence, the Baishi young master completely thrashed all the contents inside house. The man sitting on the rug was brutally kicked, and Dao Yu was also was sprayed with spit and scolded with a couple of sentences. Still, compared to the former, he was not be beaten. This treatment could be considered… Continue reading CoPW C318 – Invited

CoPW C315 – First Slave

For the more sensitive people around, even if they could detect something, the flames in Shao Xuan's hand had already disappeared. When they could not find the source of the energy fluctuations, they'd only think that the other slave owners had itchy hands and would not care. Shao Xuan then followed Su Gu to the… Continue reading CoPW C315 – First Slave

CoPW C312 – Battle in Beast City

Even when other people were not paying attention due to the chaos, Shao Xuan had noticed the person who might be the Flaming Horns tribe traitor Dao Yu. Therefore, in Lei and Tuo's mind, it would have been good if, at that time, they had directly rushed past to kill that traitor. "No wonder I… Continue reading CoPW C312 – Battle in Beast City